How to Develop Themes and Doctrines
1. To use the cross-references, notice the superscripts, raised numbers, in your section of choice. Then go to the Internal Cross References (pages 183 to 190).
Find the chapter heading, the section number and superscript(s). To the right of these you will find other cross-reference(s) for more exhaustive study.
2. A chain of such cross-references initiates a biblical theme, a principle, a doctrine etc. Three of such: the principles of Position Reversal – Group 1, the Healing Christ – Group 2, and His Inner Thought Omniscience – Group 3, are listed on page 189. Developed examples of these three themes are shown on pages 171 to 179.
3. More of such principles and themes can be developed by thus chain-referencing within Footprints itself.
4. Many more can be developed by chain-referencing further into the rest of the New Testament, and still many more by expanding the chain referencing into the Old Testament.
5. As users of Footprints develop more principles, themes and doctrines, please, share them with us at so as to further enrich this literature and our mutual lives.
6. Have a blessed study.